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I do SEO work for a wide variety of clients across the United States.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: Keyword and company research, on-page optimization (meta info, SILOs, page speed, and an endless list of elements), content management, and outbound marketing.  Every client is different, and every website has its own unique problems and benefits.  I work hard to see that each client beats out the competition and wins traffic for customer acquisitions.

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  • Research
    • Keyword
    • Company
    • Demographic
    • Customer
  • Titles
    • H1 congruency
    • Web page content congruency
    • Keyword match and variation
  • Meta Descriptions
    • Web page content congruency
    • Keyword match and variation
  • Content
    • Follow best practices guidelines
    • Grammar fixes
    • Linguistic standards for the culture (no wordiness)
    • Keyword injection
    • Bold and italicise relevant keywords
  • Pagespeed
    • Compress images, code, et cetera
    • Test for mobile and desktop
  • Security
    • Enable SSL
    • Configure Wordfence, Sucuri, or other
    • Regular site scan for Malware
  • Schema
    • Code injection
    • Include company information, such as:
      • Brand Name
      • Address
      • Phone Number
      • Hours of operation
      • Longitude/latitude of business
      • Industry category
  • Code fixing
    • Fix HTML, CSS, and Javascript errors (if applicable)
  • SILOs
    • Structure website into categories
    • Link within categories
    • Link within landing pages (only if search engines don’t respond)
  • NAP
    • Business citations congruency
    • Website congruency
  • Headers
    • Ensure hierarchy
    • Inject keywords
    • Add headers
  • Interlinking
    • Link between relevant pages or arbitrarily if necessary
    • Use linking strategies and tactics to boost landing pages
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