My Services

I do technical marketing work for a wide variety of clients across the United States. This mostly includes SEO, website maintenance, social media marketing, information architecture, and content publishing. You may need all or some of these to get an ROI for your business. My process is to make an assessment of your marketing potential based on data. Your business will not need SEO if no one is searching for what you’re selling, but they will probably need advertising. In other words I don’t make assumptions about what marketing you need, but base it on objective data.


SEO is my first love for businesses. It is really the best form of marketing. Why? Because when you search for a product or service, your intention is to buy or get the service you need. You’re not getting interrupted by Facebook’s ads or a giant billboard on the side of the road. You want to buy. And, you know what? the data backs this up. The conversion rate is far greater than any other aspect of marketing, except word-of-mouth.


Listen, you can’t let your website grow stale and out of date. It’s a friggin’ conversion killer. You have to keep up on it, especially if you’re dealing with WordPress. For a small fee, I update plugins, broken links, badly formatted content, business info, themes, and do backups. It’s the mowing-the-lawn part of my marketing services, but I consider it highly important for business success. 


Social media gives you a great opportunity to interact with your customers and make new ones. A lot of marketers just share blog posts from the website, but you need to do a lot more than that. What I do is really get to the bottom of the company culture and represent it the best way possible on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. If you have no Search potential, then this is a must have.


Is your website a huge mess? Well, Google doesn’t like that, and neither does anyone else. I provide services that organizes and structures your site that both humans for a good user experience…and a good bot-experience. So, what does that mean? Yeah, it’s sounds technical, but it really just means to update your website so that what is presented is easily understood by people visiting your site.


Every marketer has heard Bill Gates’ quote a billion times, “Content is King”. Although I prefer Apple over Microsoft, I definitely agree. Without good content (measured by data) then almost none of it works. This doesn’t just mean textual content either. It means images, video, and sound, but which form of content is largely dependent on the industry you’re in. A writer should have a lot of textual content, but a musician should have audio/video.